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Orthopaedic Physical Therapy: Description of Specialty Practice

(for background information on orthopedic residencies)
Cost: $26 plus shipping and handling for APTA members
$42 plus shipping and handling for nonmembers
To obtain, call the
APTA Service Center at 800/999-2782, ext 3395
Or order online

Postprofessional Clinical Residency or Fellowship Program Credentialing Application Packet
To obtain, click here.

Postprofessional Clinical Residency or Fellowship Program Credentialing Application Resource Manual
This valuable guide is designed to assist postprofessional clinical residency or fellowship programs in the formulation of their application for APTA credentialing. Practical examples for each requirement provide the reader with aids to identify the most appropriate documentation to include.
To obtain, click here.

CSM Residency/Fellowship Annual Forum
This interactive session is offered at APTA's Combined Sections Meeting held annually in February. Participants will be able to meet with residency/fellowship program directors with similar curricular and business models in roundtable discussions. No registration is required.
For more information, go to

Additional information and support are available from APTA's Professional Development Department at 800/999-2782, x8514.


Items available from APTA's Section on Orthopaedics

Guidelines for Curriculum Development for Postprofessional Residencies/Fellowships in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy & Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy

The document provides examples of part-time and full-time models for residency /fellowship education in various health care settings. Recommendations on how to design the mission, philosophy, program goals, and performance outcomes of a residency/fellowship, and how to integrate theoretical content with clinical course content are also described. Numerous examples of instructional objectives, learning activities, methods for practical and written examinations, and forms for program evaluation are presented. Factors to consider in selecting and training faculty are discussed along with financial considerations for developing a residency/fellowship budget.

Cost: $45 for Orthopaedic Section and AAOMPT members
$65 for APTA members
$80 for nonmembers

Make check payable to: "Orthopaedic Section, Inc."
Orthopaedic Section
American Physical Therapy Association
2920 East Avenue South, Suite 200
La Crosse, WI 54601-8231

Phone: 800-444-3982
FAX: 608-788-3965

Finance Information (1) - Finance Information (2)

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